On The Issues

A Responsible Treasurer’s Office

Kalamazoo County Residents deserve a county treasury that is responsible with the county purse. Thomas is committed to ensuring with strong fiscal management of the treasurer’s office that our county government has the facilities it needs right now and for the future. This also means ensuring that the Treasurer’s office doesn’t take advantage of tax foreclosures to increase revenue.

Transparency for the people

We need transparency in how and when properties are auctioned. As Kalamazoo County Treasurer, Thomas will enact an audit of seized property auctions that the county holds, and ensure that citizens of Kalamazoo County know that those resources are being auctioned off in a way that is fair, accountable, and transparent.

Striving for Equitable Change

Thomas plans to work towards using a portion of any surplus funds from the county to invest directly in our communities while simultaneously growing the investments and supporting small, diverse businesses in Kalamazoo County to help bring equitable change.